Our Story

I’ve always been a creative person, but I never thought of pursuing art as a career until quarantine in 2020. I felt led to start designing and selling faith based journals. Even though I had no idea on how to bring my vision to life, I started an Instagram account for my little blog at that time and began researching for manufacturers. 

Soon after that I realized that having professionally printed journals was very expensive. I started my shop and got some of my designs printed into stickers and keychains and slowly grew my product line. 

As excited as I was to be selling stickers and small accessories I still wanted to pursue my original idea of selling faith based journals. After seeing a fellow artist promoting kraft bound journals on her stories I visited the brand’s website and saw multiple artists being featured for painting those journals. Of course I didn’t think of myself as an artist back then, but I thought it was a really cool idea and definitely an opportunity to bring my vision to life in a more affordable way. 

I began painting journals and after a few months of practicing and a few ruined journals I started selling them. Not long after that, I decided to paint a Bible and it completely changed my business! God has been so good to me and I pray that each and every product from our shop will help you get a little bit closer to Him 🤍